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Eworkplaceapps is the division of Batchmasters and its working on product named 'Connect'

Tiya Technology Its a Software Company working on Websites, Mobile and Trainings.

Zeal Mobile Publicity

Its a product based company in indore working on two special products i.e. AdZeal - Mobile Marketing App and Friendfiz - Social Networking site.

JSM Infosoft

JSM Infosoft is a software company working on Clients and Product both as well as animations.

Virtual Voyage

Virtual Voyage is a Vocational College and Software Company which is providing Training and Certifications as well as degrees.

BGI, Indore

Bansal Group of Institutes is a engineering college providing degree on graduation and post graducation courses like BE, MCA,Mtech etc.


Yash Computech Solutions is a software company which is working on Clients as well as products in indore. It has clients in all over the world

TecXpero Solutions

TecXpero Solutions is a software training classes which is providing training on all programming langugages and also guides on projects to the student.

Batchmaster -
Batchmaster's Product Connect - Enterprise Social Network. 2013

Connect Login Screen.

Connect Mobile App Screenshots for both Android and IOS.

Directory List of all the employees in AngularJS

Connect Employee Profile Popup Design - Bootstrap

Connect Acvitivy Stream Post Module - AngularJS, .NET, MVC

Chat Module - XMPP, Openfire, .net and SQL Server

Task Module - .NET and Angularjs

Setting Prefrernce for Push Notification and Email services

JSM InfoSoft
Pvt. LTd.,
UX UI Design for a software company with showcase of their services. 2013

Gallery using jquery and animations with great effects of sliding up and down.

HTML5 Animations with CSS3. Crafted with single hand.

Showcase of Services and their clients with animations

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UX and UI achievements. Wireframes and Prototyping with Balsamiq and jQuery. 2014

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Augmented Reality feature as FlipAr. You can know about who is standing in your front just using friendfiz app camera.

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Walkover - You can know who crossed a path with you in a day. May be its your old friend but you dont know

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PHP and CodeIgniter for Codebehind work and MySQL for Database work.

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Ultimate chat in Ajax and a lot of features for entertainment

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Vehicle Tracking Management System by JSM Infosfot 2014

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Live Tracking of Vehicle on Google MAP API V3.

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Histroy of Vehicle Tracking on Google MAP.

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Geofancing Module with Area, Route and LAndmarks

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CRUD Operation on VTMS.

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Mobile Marketing App's Web Application. 2014

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Ecommerce Platform for offers and purchase offline. 2013

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Software Company website with full UX and UI Design with dynamic grids. 2015

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Content based story website with complete UI and UX design and Codeigniter framework for backend. 2015

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100% job guaranteed courses training institute with complete desing and backend work 2015

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Personal Site
Complete UI/UX design with animation using HTML5 and Jquery. 2015

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Vidium Studio
Video Selling site in which youtube api integration with PHP. 2015

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Wordpress Site with Bigboss nine episodes details 2015

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Mobile App
Android App - using Phonegap/Cordova and Ionic framework. 2014

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AdZeal App
AdZeal Mobile App in Android - with Phoengap/Cordova and Ionic Framework 2015
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